Choco-diffusion - Bibichoc


The enchanting world of children, both big and small. Everything to meet the magical desires of little boys and girls. Varied ranges, high-quality products, a broad selection filled with colours and emotion.

Each item is customised with printed, colourful bags, boxes and decorative bows to match the product's colours.

All products are accompanied with sweets and chocolate. Working with major brands, our creations are designed to appeal to consumers with both their attractive, emotive packaging and with their varied contents which bring together a number of major Swiss chocolate brands.


A vast range of spring-themed items to celebrate Easter. Share the discovery of the tasty Bibichoc Easter sweets with Samy & Punky, the ambassadors from our Easter collection.


Join in with the fairytale of Christmas with the ambassadors from our collection, Noël, Ruby & Honey. A vast range of items perfect for sharing the magic of Christmas with its youngest devotees